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  • Books – 2022

    Books – 2022

    Even as I whined about losing my reading habit, I managed to read a surprising (to me) number of books through 2022. One reason I think I didn’t notice is because very few of them started out being books I actually wanted to read. Looking back, there’s a clear fiction-nonfiction divide and a marked preference […]

  • 2022 in retrospect

    2022 has been my worst on the record on several fronts. I had COVID-19 in the first month, which did a freaky number on my heart. My unexplained weight loss from 2021 continued its run into six months of 2022 before stopping suddenly, although all test reports came back normal and doctors were stumped. Bharat […]

  • Saying bye to The Wire

    Saying bye to The Wire

    November 30, 2022, is my last day.

  • A salvage

    Why do you write? is a very difficult question to answer, so when an answer presents itself, you treasure it.

  • A trip to Jebel Jais

    A peak of the Al Hajar mountains in the UAE and an important part of the country’s future.

  • JWST and the sorites paradox

    Where does beauty end and ugliness begin?

  • The Higgs boson and I

    My first byline as a professional journalist (a.k.a. my first byline ever) was oddly for a tech story – about the advent of IPv6 internet addresses. I started writing it after 7 pm, had to wrap it up by 9 pm and it was published in the paper the next day (I was at The Hindu). […]

  • Thoughts on the ‘Starter’ plan announced a new ‘Starter’ plan for its users on May 25 after significant backlash from many members of its community of users that a previous price revision had completely disregarded the interests of bloggers – by which I mean those writing to be read and discussed, and not primarily to make money. My own […]

  • 10 years in journalism

    Thinking about the number ’10’ is hard. It’s the number of years I will have soon been a journalist for (as will my ACJ batchmates). Why commemorate it? In this time, I’ve seen many of my colleagues and peers in different organisations quit journalism for communications jobs in non-journalistic settings, which pay better and are […]

  • 2.5 weeks since’s price revision squandered the trust of bloggers it had accrued for almost a decade (approx. since the advent of their Calypso editor) with the decision to introduce the Pro plan the way it did. There were many proclamations – direct and indirect – in between, chiefly by Automattic CEO Matt Maullenweg, about how this trust was […]