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  • Notes on covering QM

    Notes on covering QM
  • Why scientists should read more

    The amount of communicative effort to describe the fact of a ball being thrown is vanishingly low. It’s as simple as saying, “X threw the ball.” It takes a bit more effort to describe how an internal combustion engine works – especially if you’re writing for readers who have no idea how thermodynamics works. However, […]

  • A universe out of sight

    A universe out of sight

    We’ve been able to find that the universe is expanding faster than we thought. The LHC has produced the most data on one day. Good news, right?

  • Thinking quantum

    In quantum physics, every metric is conceived as a vector. But that’s where its relation with classical physics ends, makes teaching a pain. Teaching classical mechanics is easy because we engage with it every day in many ways. Enough successful visualization tools exist to do that. Just wondering why quantum mechanics has to be so […]