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  • New LHC data puts ‘new physics’ lead to bed

    New LHC data puts ‘new physics’ lead to bed

    One particle in the big zoo of subatomic particles is the B meson. It has a very short lifetime once it’s created. In rare instances it decays to three lighter particles: a kaon, a lepton and an anti-lepton. There are many types of leptons and anti-leptons. Two are electrons/anti-electrons and muons/anti-muons. According to the existing […]

  • US experiments find hint of a break in the laws of physics

    At 9 pm India time on April 7, physicists at an American research facility delivered a shot in the arm to efforts to find flaws in a powerful theory that explains how the building blocks of the universe work. Physicists are looking for flaws in it because the theory doesn’t have answers to some questions […]

  • The weekly linklist – July 25, 2020

    I’ve decided to publish this linklist via Substack. Next weekend onwards, it will only be available on https://linklist.substack.com. And this is why the list exists and what kind of articles you can find in it. Want to buy a parrot? Please login via Facebook. – “F-commerce emerged in Bangladesh largely because there was no major […]

  • ‘Weak charge’ measurement holds up SM prediction

    Various dark matter detectors around the world, massive particle accelerators and colliders, powerful telescopes on the ground and in space all have their distinct agendas but ultimately what unites them is humankind’s quest to understand what the hell this universe is on about. There are unanswered questions in every branch of scientific endeavour that will […]

  • Prospects for suspected new fundamental particle improve marginally

    Although the data’s statistical significance isn’t as good as it would have to be for there to be a new ‘champagne bottle boson’ moment, it’s encouraging that the data itself isn’t vanishing.

  • Physicists could have to wait 66,000 yottayears to see an electron decay

    Physicists could have to wait 66,000 yottayears to see an electron decay

    An electron’s lifetime is predicted by prevalent theory that physicists would like to see disproved

  • New Higgs results show signs of SUSY

    Two years ago, physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider first announced the discovery of a Higgs boson-like particle, setting the high-energy physics community atwitter. And it was only a couple weeks ago that physicists also announced that the particle was definitely the one predicted by the sturdy Standard Model of particle physics, the theory that […]

  • On meson decay-modes in studying CP violation

    In particle physics, CPT symmetry is an attribute of the universe that is held as fundamentally true by quantum field theory (QFT). It states that the laws of physics should not be changed and the opposite of all allowed motions be allowed (T symmetry) if a particle is replaced with its antiparticle (C symmetry) and […]